Package org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.output

Class Summary
FileOutputCommitter An OutputCommitter that commits files specified in job output directory i.e.
FileOutputFormat<K,V> A base class for OutputFormats that read from FileSystems.
FilterOutputFormat<K,V> FilterOutputFormat is a convenience class that wraps OutputFormat.
FilterOutputFormat.FilterRecordWriter<K,V> FilterRecordWriter is a convenience wrapper class that extends the RecordWriter.
LazyOutputFormat<K,V> A Convenience class that creates output lazily.
MultipleOutputs<KEYOUT,VALUEOUT> The MultipleOutputs class simplifies writing output data to multiple outputs
NullOutputFormat<K,V> Consume all outputs and put them in /dev/null.
SequenceFileAsBinaryOutputFormat An OutputFormat that writes keys, values to SequenceFiles in binary(raw) format
SequenceFileAsBinaryOutputFormat.WritableValueBytes Inner class used for appendRaw
SequenceFileOutputFormat<K,V> An OutputFormat that writes SequenceFiles.
TextOutputFormat<K,V> An OutputFormat that writes plain text files.

Enum Summary

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