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 class CombineFileInputFormat<K,V>
          An abstract InputFormat that returns CombineFileSplit's in InputFormat.getSplits(JobContext) method.
 class KeyValueTextInputFormat
          An InputFormat for plain text files.
 class NLineInputFormat
          NLineInputFormat which splits N lines of input as one split.
 class SequenceFileAsBinaryInputFormat
          InputFormat reading keys, values from SequenceFiles in binary (raw) format.
 class SequenceFileAsTextInputFormat
          This class is similar to SequenceFileInputFormat, except it generates SequenceFileAsTextRecordReader which converts the input keys and values to their String forms by calling toString() method.
 class SequenceFileInputFilter<K,V>
          A class that allows a map/red job to work on a sample of sequence files.
 class SequenceFileInputFormat<K,V>
          An InputFormat for SequenceFiles.
 class TextInputFormat
          An InputFormat for plain text files.

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