Uses of Interface

Packages that use Partitioner
org.apache.hadoop.examples Hadoop example code. 
org.apache.hadoop.mapred A software framework for easily writing applications which process vast amounts of data (multi-terabyte data-sets) parallelly on large clusters (thousands of nodes) built of commodity hardware in a reliable, fault-tolerant manner. 
org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib Library of generally useful mappers, reducers, and partitioners. 

Uses of Partitioner in org.apache.hadoop.contrib.index.mapred

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.contrib.index.mapred that implement Partitioner
 class IndexUpdatePartitioner
          This partitioner class puts the values of the same key - in this case the same shard - in the same partition.

Uses of Partitioner in org.apache.hadoop.examples

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.examples that implement Partitioner
 class SleepJob
          Dummy class for testing MR framefork.

Uses of Partitioner in org.apache.hadoop.mapred

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapred that return types with arguments of type Partitioner
 Class<? extends Partitioner> JobConf.getPartitionerClass()
          Get the Partitioner used to partition Mapper-outputs to be sent to the Reducers.

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapred with parameters of type Partitioner
<K extends WritableComparable,V extends Writable>
MapFileOutputFormat.getEntry(MapFile.Reader[] readers, Partitioner<K,V> partitioner, K key, V value)
          Get an entry from output generated by this class.

Method parameters in org.apache.hadoop.mapred with type arguments of type Partitioner
 void JobConf.setPartitionerClass(Class<? extends Partitioner> theClass)
          Set the Partitioner class used to partition Mapper-outputs to be sent to the Reducers.

Uses of Partitioner in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib that implement Partitioner
 class BinaryPartitioner<V>
          Partition BinaryComparable keys using a configurable part of the bytes array returned by BinaryComparable.getBytes().
 class HashPartitioner<K2,V2>
          Partition keys by their Object.hashCode().
 class KeyFieldBasedPartitioner<K2,V2>
          Defines a way to partition keys based on certain key fields (also see KeyFieldBasedComparator.
 class TotalOrderPartitioner<K extends WritableComparable,V>
          Partitioner effecting a total order by reading split points from an externally generated source.

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