Class CleanupQueue

  extended by org.apache.hadoop.mapred.CleanupQueue

public class CleanupQueue
extends Object

Field Summary
static org.apache.commons.logging.Log LOG
Constructor Summary
protected CleanupQueue()
          Create a singleton path-clean-up queue.
Method Summary
 void addToQueue(org.apache.hadoop.mapred.CleanupQueue.PathDeletionContext... contexts)
          Adds the paths to the queue of paths to be deleted by cleanupThread.
static CleanupQueue getInstance()
protected  boolean isQueueEmpty()
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Field Detail


public static final org.apache.commons.logging.Log LOG
Constructor Detail


protected CleanupQueue()
Create a singleton path-clean-up queue. It can be used to delete paths(directories/files) in a separate thread. This constructor creates a clean-up thread and also starts it as a daemon. Callers can instantiate one CleanupQueue per JVM and can use it for deleting paths. Use addToQueue(PathDeletionContext...) to add paths for deletion.

Method Detail


public static CleanupQueue getInstance()


public void addToQueue(org.apache.hadoop.mapred.CleanupQueue.PathDeletionContext... contexts)
Adds the paths to the queue of paths to be deleted by cleanupThread.


protected boolean isQueueEmpty()

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