Class DeserializerComparator<T>

  extended by<T>
Type Parameters:
T -
All Implemented Interfaces:
Comparator<T>, RawComparator<T>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class DeserializerComparator<T>
extends Object
implements RawComparator<T>

A RawComparator that uses a Deserializer to deserialize the objects to be compared so that the standard Comparator can be used to compare them.

One may optimize compare-intensive operations by using a custom implementation of RawComparator that operates directly on byte representations.

Constructor Summary
protected DeserializerComparator(Deserializer<T> deserializer)
Method Summary
 int compare(byte[] b1, int s1, int l1, byte[] b2, int s2, int l2)
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Methods inherited from interface java.util.Comparator
compare, equals

Constructor Detail


protected DeserializerComparator(Deserializer<T> deserializer)
                          throws IOException
Method Detail


public int compare(byte[] b1,
                   int s1,
                   int l1,
                   byte[] b2,
                   int s2,
                   int l2)
Specified by:
compare in interface RawComparator<T>

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