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 TFile.Reader.Scanner TFile.Reader.createScanner()
          Get a scanner than can scan the whole TFile.
 TFile.Reader.Scanner TFile.Reader.createScanner(byte[] beginKey, byte[] endKey)
          Deprecated. Use TFile.Reader.createScannerByKey(byte[], byte[]) instead.
 TFile.Reader.Scanner TFile.Reader.createScanner(RawComparable beginKey, RawComparable endKey)
          Deprecated. Use TFile.Reader.createScannerByKey(RawComparable, RawComparable) instead.
 TFile.Reader.Scanner TFile.Reader.createScannerByByteRange(long offset, long length)
          Get a scanner that covers a portion of TFile based on byte offsets.
 TFile.Reader.Scanner TFile.Reader.createScannerByKey(byte[] beginKey, byte[] endKey)
          Get a scanner that covers a portion of TFile based on keys.
 TFile.Reader.Scanner TFile.Reader.createScannerByKey(RawComparable beginKey, RawComparable endKey)
          Get a scanner that covers a specific key range.
 TFile.Reader.Scanner TFile.Reader.createScannerByRecordNum(long beginRecNum, long endRecNum)
          Create a scanner that covers a range of records.

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