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Classes in that implement RawComparable
 class ByteArray
          Adaptor class to wrap byte-array backed objects (including java byte array) as RawComparable objects.

Methods in that return RawComparable
 RawComparable TFile.Reader.getFirstKey()
          Get the first key in the TFile.
 RawComparable TFile.Reader.getKeyNear(long offset)
          Get a sample key that is within a block whose starting offset is greater than or equal to the specified offset.
 RawComparable TFile.Reader.getLastKey()
          Get the last key in the TFile.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type RawComparable
 Comparator<RawComparable> TFile.Reader.getComparator()
          Get an instance of the RawComparator that is constructed based on the string comparator representation.
static Comparator<RawComparable> TFile.makeComparator(String name)
          Make a raw comparator from a string name.

Methods in with parameters of type RawComparable
 int TFile.Reader.Scanner.Entry.compareTo(RawComparable key)
          Compare an entry with a RawComparable object.
 TFile.Reader.Scanner TFile.Reader.createScanner(RawComparable beginKey, RawComparable endKey)
          Deprecated. Use TFile.Reader.createScannerByKey(RawComparable, RawComparable) instead.
 TFile.Reader.Scanner TFile.Reader.createScannerByKey(RawComparable beginKey, RawComparable endKey)
          Get a scanner that covers a specific key range.

Constructors in with parameters of type RawComparable
TFile.Reader.Scanner(TFile.Reader reader, RawComparable beginKey, RawComparable endKey)

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