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Packages that use BlockLocation
org.apache.hadoop.fs An abstract file system API. 
org.apache.hadoop.fs.kfs A client for the Kosmos filesystem (KFS) 
org.apache.hadoop.mapred A software framework for easily writing applications which process vast amounts of data (multi-terabyte data-sets) parallelly on large clusters (thousands of nodes) built of commodity hardware in a reliable, fault-tolerant manner. 

Uses of BlockLocation in org.apache.hadoop.fs

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.fs that return BlockLocation
 BlockLocation[] FilterFileSystem.getFileBlockLocations(FileStatus file, long start, long len)
 BlockLocation[] HarFileSystem.getFileBlockLocations(FileStatus file, long start, long len)
          Get block locations from the underlying fs and fix their offsets and lengths.
 BlockLocation[] FileSystem.getFileBlockLocations(FileStatus file, long start, long len)
          Return an array containing hostnames, offset and size of portions of the given file.

Uses of BlockLocation in org.apache.hadoop.fs.kfs

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.fs.kfs that return BlockLocation
 BlockLocation[] KosmosFileSystem.getFileBlockLocations(FileStatus file, long start, long len)
          Return null if the file doesn't exist; otherwise, get the locations of the various chunks of the file file from KFS.

Uses of BlockLocation in org.apache.hadoop.mapred

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapred with parameters of type BlockLocation
protected  int FileInputFormat.getBlockIndex(BlockLocation[] blkLocations, long offset)
protected  String[] FileInputFormat.getSplitHosts(BlockLocation[] blkLocations, long offset, long splitSize, NetworkTopology clusterMap)
          This function identifies and returns the hosts that contribute most for a given split.

Uses of BlockLocation in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input that return BlockLocation
protected  BlockLocation[] CombineFileInputFormat.getFileBlockLocations(FileSystem fs, FileStatus stat)

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input with parameters of type BlockLocation
protected  int FileInputFormat.getBlockIndex(BlockLocation[] blkLocations, long offset)

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