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Uses of IIndexUpdater in org.apache.hadoop.contrib.index.mapred

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.contrib.index.mapred that implement IIndexUpdater
 class IndexUpdater
          An implementation of an index updater interface which creates a Map/Reduce job configuration and run the Map/Reduce job to analyze documents and update Lucene instances in parallel.

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.contrib.index.mapred that return types with arguments of type IIndexUpdater
 Class<? extends IIndexUpdater> IndexUpdateConfiguration.getIndexUpdaterClass()
          Get the index updater class.

Method parameters in org.apache.hadoop.contrib.index.mapred with type arguments of type IIndexUpdater
 void IndexUpdateConfiguration.setIndexUpdaterClass(Class<? extends IIndexUpdater> theClass)
          Set the index updater class.

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