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Packages that use MetricsRecordBuilder
org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 Metrics 2.0 

Uses of MetricsRecordBuilder in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 that return MetricsRecordBuilder
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.add(Metric metric)
          Add a pre-made immutable metric object
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.add(MetricsTag tag)
          Add an immutable metrics tag object
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addCounter(String name, String description, int value)
          Add an int counter metric
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addCounter(String name, String description, long value)
          Add an long counter metric
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addGauge(String name, String description, double value)
          Add a double gauge metric
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addGauge(String name, String description, float value)
          Add a float gauge metric
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addGauge(String name, String description, int value)
          Add a int gauge metric
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addGauge(String name, String description, long value)
          Add a long gauge metric
 MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsBuilder.addRecord(String name)
          Add a metrics record
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.setContext(String value)
          Set the context tag
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.tag(String name, String description, String value)
          Add a metrics tag

Uses of MetricsRecordBuilder in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib with parameters of type MetricsRecordBuilder
 void MetricMutable.snapshot(MetricsRecordBuilder builder)
          Get a sampe/snapshot of metric if changed
abstract  void MetricMutable.snapshot(MetricsRecordBuilder builder, boolean all)
          Get a snapshot/snapshot of the metric
 void MetricMutableStat.snapshot(MetricsRecordBuilder builder, boolean all)
 void MetricsRegistry.snapshot(MetricsRecordBuilder builder, boolean all)
          Sample all the mutable metrics and put the snapshot in the builder
 void MetricMutableGaugeLong.snapshot(MetricsRecordBuilder builder, boolean all)
 void MetricMutableCounterLong.snapshot(MetricsRecordBuilder builder, boolean all)
 void MetricMutableCounterInt.snapshot(MetricsRecordBuilder builder, boolean all)
 void MetricMutableGaugeInt.snapshot(MetricsRecordBuilder builder, boolean all)

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