Class DelegationTokenSecretManager

  extended by<TokenIdent>
      extended by<DelegationTokenIdentifier>
          extended by

public class DelegationTokenSecretManager
extends AbstractDelegationTokenSecretManager<DelegationTokenIdentifier>

A MapReduce specific delegation token secret manager. The secret manager is responsible for generating and accepting the password for each token.

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allKeys, currentId, currentTokens, delegationTokenSequenceNumber, running
Constructor Summary
DelegationTokenSecretManager(long delegationKeyUpdateInterval, long delegationTokenMaxLifetime, long delegationTokenRenewInterval, long delegationTokenRemoverScanInterval)
          Create a secret manager
Method Summary
 DelegationTokenIdentifier createIdentifier()
          Create an empty token identifier.
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addKey, cancelToken, createPassword, createSecretKey, getAllKeys, isRunning, logUpdateMasterKey, renewToken, retrievePassword, startThreads, stopThreads, verifyToken
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createPassword, generateSecret
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Constructor Detail


public DelegationTokenSecretManager(long delegationKeyUpdateInterval,
                                    long delegationTokenMaxLifetime,
                                    long delegationTokenRenewInterval,
                                    long delegationTokenRemoverScanInterval)
Create a secret manager

delegationKeyUpdateInterval - the number of seconds for rolling new secret keys.
delegationTokenMaxLifetime - the maximum lifetime of the delegation tokens
delegationTokenRenewInterval - how often the tokens must be renewed
delegationTokenRemoverScanInterval - how often the tokens are scanned for expired tokens
Method Detail


public DelegationTokenIdentifier createIdentifier()
Description copied from class: SecretManager
Create an empty token identifier.

Specified by:
createIdentifier in class SecretManager<DelegationTokenIdentifier>
the newly created empty token identifier

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