Class NullOutputFormat<K,V>

  extended by org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.NullOutputFormat<K,V>
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class NullOutputFormat<K,V>
extends Object
implements OutputFormat<K,V>

Consume all outputs and put them in /dev/null.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void checkOutputSpecs(FileSystem ignored, JobConf job)
          Check for validity of the output-specification for the job.
 RecordWriter<K,V> getRecordWriter(FileSystem ignored, JobConf job, String name, Progressable progress)
          Get the RecordWriter for the given job.
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Constructor Detail


public NullOutputFormat()
Method Detail


public RecordWriter<K,V> getRecordWriter(FileSystem ignored,
                                         JobConf job,
                                         String name,
                                         Progressable progress)
Description copied from interface: OutputFormat
Get the RecordWriter for the given job.

Specified by:
getRecordWriter in interface OutputFormat<K,V>
job - configuration for the job whose output is being written.
name - the unique name for this part of the output.
progress - mechanism for reporting progress while writing to file.
a RecordWriter to write the output for the job.


public void checkOutputSpecs(FileSystem ignored,
                             JobConf job)
Description copied from interface: OutputFormat
Check for validity of the output-specification for the job.

This is to validate the output specification for the job when it is a job is submitted. Typically checks that it does not already exist, throwing an exception when it already exists, so that output is not overwritten.

Specified by:
checkOutputSpecs in interface OutputFormat<K,V>
job - job configuration.

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