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Packages that use RpcInstrumentation
org.apache.hadoop.ipc Tools to help define network clients and servers. 

Uses of RpcInstrumentation in org.apache.hadoop.ipc

Fields in org.apache.hadoop.ipc declared as RpcInstrumentation
protected  RpcInstrumentation Server.rpcMetrics

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.ipc that return RpcInstrumentation
 RpcInstrumentation Server.getRpcMetrics()
          Returns a handle to the rpcMetrics (required in tests)

Uses of RpcInstrumentation in org.apache.hadoop.ipc.metrics

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.ipc.metrics that return RpcInstrumentation
static RpcInstrumentation RpcInstrumentation.create(String serverName, int port)
          Create an RPC instrumentation object
static RpcInstrumentation RpcInstrumentation.create(String serverName, int port, MetricsSystem ms)
          Create an RPC instrumentation object Mostly useful for testing.

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