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Packages that use Serializer Generic i/o code for use when reading and writing data to the network, to databases, and to files. This package provides a mechanism for using different serialization frameworks in Hadoop. 

Uses of Serializer in

Fields in declared as Serializer
protected  Serializer SequenceFile.Writer.compressedValSerializer
protected  Serializer SequenceFile.Writer.keySerializer
protected  Serializer SequenceFile.Writer.uncompressedValSerializer

Uses of Serializer in

Methods in that return Serializer
 Serializer<Serializable> JavaSerialization.getSerializer(Class<Serializable> c)
 Serializer<T> Serialization.getSerializer(Class<T> c)
<T> Serializer<T>
SerializationFactory.getSerializer(Class<T> c)
 Serializer<Writable> WritableSerialization.getSerializer(Class<Writable> c)

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