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Packages that use FileSystem.Statistics
org.apache.hadoop.fs An abstract file system API. 
org.apache.hadoop.mapred A software framework for easily writing applications which process vast amounts of data (multi-terabyte data-sets) parallelly on large clusters (thousands of nodes) built of commodity hardware in a reliable, fault-tolerant manner. 

Uses of FileSystem.Statistics in org.apache.hadoop.fs

Fields in org.apache.hadoop.fs declared as FileSystem.Statistics
protected  FileSystem.Statistics FileSystem.statistics
          The statistics for this file system.

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.fs that return FileSystem.Statistics
static FileSystem.Statistics FileSystem.getStatistics(String scheme, Class<? extends FileSystem> cls)
          Get the statistics for a particular file system

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.fs that return types with arguments of type FileSystem.Statistics
static List<FileSystem.Statistics> FileSystem.getAllStatistics()
          Return the FileSystem classes that have Statistics
static Map<String,FileSystem.Statistics> FileSystem.getStatistics()
          Deprecated. use FileSystem.getAllStatistics() instead

Constructors in org.apache.hadoop.fs with parameters of type FileSystem.Statistics
FSDataOutputStream(OutputStream out, FileSystem.Statistics stats)
FSDataOutputStream(OutputStream out, FileSystem.Statistics stats, long startPosition)

Uses of FileSystem.Statistics in org.apache.hadoop.fs.ftp

Constructors in org.apache.hadoop.fs.ftp with parameters of type FileSystem.Statistics
FTPInputStream(InputStream stream, client, FileSystem.Statistics stats)

Uses of FileSystem.Statistics in org.apache.hadoop.mapred

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapred that return FileSystem.Statistics
protected static FileSystem.Statistics Task.getFsStatistics(Path path, Configuration conf)
          Gets a handle to the Statistics instance based on the scheme associated with path.

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