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Packages that use Pentomino.ColumnName
org.apache.hadoop.examples.dancing This package is a distributed implementation of Knuth's dancing links algorithm that can run under Hadoop. 

Uses of Pentomino.ColumnName in org.apache.hadoop.examples.dancing

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.examples.dancing that implement Pentomino.ColumnName
protected static class Pentomino.Piece
          Maintain information about a puzzle piece.

Method parameters in org.apache.hadoop.examples.dancing with type arguments of type Pentomino.ColumnName
 Pentomino.SolutionCategory Pentomino.getCategory(List<List<Pentomino.ColumnName>> names)
          Find whether the solution has the x in the upper left quadrant, the x-midline, the y-midline or in the center.
 void Pentomino.setPrinter(DancingLinks.SolutionAcceptor<Pentomino.ColumnName> printer)
          Set the printer for the puzzle.
static String Pentomino.stringifySolution(int width, int height, List<List<Pentomino.ColumnName>> solution)
          Convert a solution to the puzzle returned by the model into a string that represents the placement of the pieces onto the board.

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