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Uses of JobConfigurable in org.apache.hadoop.mapred

Subinterfaces of JobConfigurable in org.apache.hadoop.mapred
 interface Mapper<K1,V1,K2,V2>
          Maps input key/value pairs to a set of intermediate key/value pairs.
 interface MapRunnable<K1,V1,K2,V2>
          Expert: Generic interface for Mappers.
 interface Partitioner<K2,V2>
          Partitions the key space.
 interface Reducer<K2,V2,K3,V3>
          Reduces a set of intermediate values which share a key to a smaller set of values.

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.mapred that implement JobConfigurable
 class KeyValueTextInputFormat
          An InputFormat for plain text files.
 class MapReduceBase
          Base class for Mapper and Reducer implementations.
 class MapRunner<K1,V1,K2,V2>
          Default MapRunnable implementation.
 class TextInputFormat
          An InputFormat for plain text files.

Uses of JobConfigurable in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib that implement JobConfigurable
 class BinaryPartitioner<V>
          Partition BinaryComparable keys using a configurable part of the bytes array returned by BinaryComparable.getBytes().
 class ChainMapper
          The ChainMapper class allows to use multiple Mapper classes within a single Map task.
 class ChainReducer
          The ChainReducer class allows to chain multiple Mapper classes after a Reducer within the Reducer task.
 class FieldSelectionMapReduce<K,V>
          This class implements a mapper/reducer class that can be used to perform field selections in a manner similar to unix cut.
 class HashPartitioner<K2,V2>
          Partition keys by their Object.hashCode().
 class IdentityMapper<K,V>
          Implements the identity function, mapping inputs directly to outputs.
 class IdentityReducer<K,V>
          Performs no reduction, writing all input values directly to the output.
 class InverseMapper<K,V>
          A Mapper that swaps keys and values.
 class KeyFieldBasedComparator<K,V>
          This comparator implementation provides a subset of the features provided by the Unix/GNU Sort.
 class KeyFieldBasedPartitioner<K2,V2>
          Defines a way to partition keys based on certain key fields (also see KeyFieldBasedComparator.
 class LongSumReducer<K>
          A Reducer that sums long values.
 class MultithreadedMapRunner<K1,V1,K2,V2>
          Multithreaded implementation for @link org.apache.hadoop.mapred.MapRunnable.
 class NLineInputFormat
          NLineInputFormat which splits N lines of input as one split.
 class RegexMapper<K>
          A Mapper that extracts text matching a regular expression.
 class TokenCountMapper<K>
          A Mapper that maps text values into pairs.
 class TotalOrderPartitioner<K extends WritableComparable<?>,V>
          Partitioner effecting a total order by reading split points from an externally generated source.

Uses of JobConfigurable in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.aggregate

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.aggregate that implement JobConfigurable
 class ValueAggregatorCombiner<K1 extends WritableComparable,V1 extends Writable>
          This class implements the generic combiner of Aggregate.
 class ValueAggregatorJobBase<K1 extends WritableComparable,V1 extends Writable>
          This abstract class implements some common functionalities of the the generic mapper, reducer and combiner classes of Aggregate.
 class ValueAggregatorMapper<K1 extends WritableComparable,V1 extends Writable>
          This class implements the generic mapper of Aggregate.
 class ValueAggregatorReducer<K1 extends WritableComparable,V1 extends Writable>
          This class implements the generic reducer of Aggregate.

Uses of JobConfigurable in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.db

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.db that implement JobConfigurable
 class DBInputFormat<T extends DBWritable>

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