Release 0.4.0-alpha available


Apache Hadoop Ozone 0.4.0-alpha is released with following features:

  • Hadoop Delegation Tokens and Block Tokens supported for Ozone.
  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Support - Allows data blocks to be encrypted-at-rest.
  • Kerberos support for Ozone.
  • Certificate Infrastructure for Ozone - Tokens use PKI instead of shared secrets.
  • Datanode to Datanode communication secured via mutual TLS.
  • Ability secure ozone cluster that works with Yarn, Hive, and Spark.
  • Helm/Skaffold support to deploy Ozone clusters on K8s.
  • Support S3 Authentication Mechanisms like - S3 v4 Authentication protocol.
  • S3 Gateway supports Multipart upload.
  • S3A file system is tested and supported.
  • Support for Tracing and Profiling for all Ozone components.
  • Audit Support - including Audit Parser tools.
  • Apache Ranger Support in Ozone.

This is an alpha release and not production ready.

Image credit: Rapahanock, Badlands, CC-BY-SA-4.0 The haiku is inspired by the orignal work of Tachibana Hokushi.