Running concurrently with HDFS

Ozone is designed to work with HDFS. So it is easy to deploy ozone in an existing HDFS cluster.

Ozone does not support security today. It is a work in progress and tracked in HDDS-4. If you enable ozone in a secure HDFS cluster, for your own protection Ozone will refuse to work.

In other words, till Ozone security work is done, Ozone will not work in any secure clusters.

The container manager part of Ozone runs inside DataNodes as a pluggable module. To activate ozone you should define the service plugin implementation class.


You also need to add the ozone-datanode-plugin jar file to the classpath:

export HADOOP_CLASSPATH=/opt/ozone/share/hadoop/ozoneplugin/hadoop-ozone-datanode-plugin.jar

To start ozone with HDFS you should start the the following components:

  1. HDFS Namenode (from Hadoop distribution)
  2. HDFS Datanode (from the Hadoop distribution with the plugin on the classpath from the Ozone distribution)
  3. Ozone Manager (from the Ozone distribution)
  4. Storage Container manager (from the Ozone distribution)

Please check the log of the datanode whether the HDDS/Ozone plugin is started or not. Log of datanode should contain something like this:

2018-09-17 16:19:24 INFO  HddsDatanodeService:158 - Started plug-in org.apache.hadoop.ozone.web.OzoneHddsDatanodeService@6f94fb9d