Freon is a load-generator for Ozone. This tool is used for testing the functionality of ozone.

Random keys

In randomkeys mode, the data written into ozone cluster is randomly generated. Each key will be of size 10 KB.

The number of volumes/buckets/keys can be configured. The replication type and factor (eg. replicate with ratis to 3 nodes) Also can be configured.

For more information use

bin/ozone freon --help


ozone freon randomkeys --numOfVolumes=10 --numOfBuckets 10 --numOfKeys 10  --replicationType=RATIS --factor=THREE
Status: Success
Git Base Revision: 48aae081e5afacbb3240657556b26c29e61830c3
Number of Volumes created: 10
Number of Buckets created: 100
Number of Keys added: 1000
Ratis replication factor: THREE
Ratis replication type: RATIS
Average Time spent in volume creation: 00:00:00,035
Average Time spent in bucket creation: 00:00:00,319
Average Time spent in key creation: 00:00:03,659
Average Time spent in key write: 00:00:10,894
Total bytes written: 10240000
Total Execution time: 00:00:16,898