Ozone CLI

Ozone has a set of command line tools that can be used to manage ozone.

All these commands are invoked via the ozone script.

The commands supported by ozone are:

  • classpath - Prints the class path needed to get the hadoop jar and the required libraries.
  • dtutil - Operations related to delegation tokens
  • fs - Runs a command on ozone file system.
  • datanode - Via daemon command, the HDDS data nodes can be started or stopped.
  • envvars - Display computed Hadoop environment variables.
  • freon - Runs the ozone load generator.
  • genesis - Developer Only, Ozone micro-benchmark application.
  • getconf - Reads ozone config values from configuration.
  • jmxget - Get JMX exported values from NameNode or DataNode.
  • om - Ozone Manager, via daemon command can be started or stopped.
  • sh - Primary command line interface for ozone.
  • scm - Storage Container Manager service, via daemon can be stated or stopped.
  • scmcli - Developer only, Command Line Interface for the Storage Container Manager.
  • version - Prints the version of Ozone and HDDS.
  • genconf - Generate minimally required ozone configs and output to ozone-site.xml.

Understanding Ozone command shell

The most used command when working with Ozone is the Ozone command shell. Ozone command shell gives a command shell interface to work against Ozone.

The Ozone shell commands take the following format.

ozone sh object action url

ozone script is used to invoke all Ozone sub-commands. The ozone shell is invoked via sh command.

The object can be a volume, bucket or a key. The action is various verbs like create, list, delete etc.

Ozone URL can point to a volume, bucket or keys in the following format:



  1. Scheme - This should be o3 which is the native RPC protocol to access Ozone API. The usage of the schema is optional.

  2. Server:Port - This is the address of the Ozone Manager. This can be server only, in that case, the default port is used. If this value is omitted then the defaults specified in the ozone-site.xml will be used for Ozone Manager address.

Depending on the call, the volume/bucket/key names will be part of the URL. Please see volume commands, bucket commands, and key commands section for more detail.

Invoking help

Ozone shell help can be invoked at object level or at action level. For example:

ozone sh volume --help

This will show all possible actions for volumes.

or it can be invoked to explain a specific action like

ozone sh volume create --help
This command will give you command line options of the create command.