Building from Sources

This is a guide on how to build the ozone sources. If you are not planning to build sources yourself, you can safely skip this page.

If you are a Hadoop ninja, and wise in the ways of Apache, you already know that a real Apache release is a source release.

If you want to build from sources, Please untar the source tarball and run the ozone build command. This instruction assumes that you have all the dependencies to build Hadoop on your build machine. If you need instructions on how to build Hadoop, please look at the Apache Hadoop Website.

mvn -f pom.ozone.xml clean package -DskipTests=true

This will build an ozone-<version>.tar.gz in your hadoop-ozone/dist/target directory.

You can copy this tarball and use this instead of binary artifacts that are provided along with the official release.

How to test the build

You can run the acceptance tests in the hadoop-ozone directory to make sure that your build is functional. To launch the acceptance tests, please follow the instructions in the in the smoketest directory.

cd smoketest

You can also execute only a minimal subset of the tests:

cd smoketest
./ --env ozone basic

Acceptance tests will start a small ozone cluster and verify that ozone shell and ozone file system is fully functional.