Package org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input

Class Summary
CombineFileInputFormat<K,V> An abstract InputFormat that returns CombineFileSplit's in InputFormat.getSplits(JobContext) method.
CombineFileRecordReader<K,V> A generic RecordReader that can hand out different recordReaders for each chunk in a CombineFileSplit.
CombineFileSplit A sub-collection of input files.
FileInputFormat<K,V> A base class for file-based InputFormats.
FileSplit A section of an input file.
KeyValueLineRecordReader This class treats a line in the input as a key/value pair separated by a separator character.
KeyValueTextInputFormat An InputFormat for plain text files.
MultipleInputs This class supports MapReduce jobs that have multiple input paths with a different InputFormat and Mapper for each path
NLineInputFormat NLineInputFormat which splits N lines of input as one split.
SequenceFileAsBinaryInputFormat InputFormat reading keys, values from SequenceFiles in binary (raw) format.
SequenceFileAsTextInputFormat This class is similar to SequenceFileInputFormat, except it generates SequenceFileAsTextRecordReader which converts the input keys and values to their String forms by calling toString() method.
SequenceFileAsTextRecordReader This class converts the input keys and values to their String forms by calling toString() method.
SequenceFileInputFilter<K,V> A class that allows a map/red job to work on a sample of sequence files.
SequenceFileInputFormat<K,V> An InputFormat for SequenceFiles.
SequenceFileRecordReader<K,V> An RecordReader for SequenceFiles.
TextInputFormat An InputFormat for plain text files.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
InvalidInputException This class wraps a list of problems with the input, so that the user can get a list of problems together instead of finding and fixing them one by one.

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