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Fields in declared as Decompressor
protected  Decompressor DecompressorStream.decompressor

Methods in that return Decompressor
 Decompressor CompressionCodec.createDecompressor()
          Create a new Decompressor for use by this CompressionCodec.
 Decompressor DefaultCodec.createDecompressor()
 Decompressor BZip2Codec.createDecompressor()
          This functionality is currently not supported.
 Decompressor GzipCodec.createDecompressor()
static Decompressor CodecPool.getDecompressor(CompressionCodec codec)
          Get a Decompressor for the given CompressionCodec from the pool or a new one.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Decompressor
 Class<? extends Decompressor> CompressionCodec.getDecompressorType()
          Get the type of Decompressor needed by this CompressionCodec.
 Class<? extends Decompressor> DefaultCodec.getDecompressorType()
 Class<? extends Decompressor> BZip2Codec.getDecompressorType()
          This functionality is currently not supported.
 Class<? extends Decompressor> GzipCodec.getDecompressorType()

Methods in with parameters of type Decompressor
 CompressionInputStream CompressionCodec.createInputStream(InputStream in, Decompressor decompressor)
          Create a CompressionInputStream that will read from the given InputStream with the given Decompressor.
 CompressionInputStream DefaultCodec.createInputStream(InputStream in, Decompressor decompressor)
 CompressionInputStream BZip2Codec.createInputStream(InputStream in, Decompressor decompressor)
          This functionality is currently not supported.
 CompressionInputStream GzipCodec.createInputStream(InputStream in, Decompressor decompressor)
 SplitCompressionInputStream BZip2Codec.createInputStream(InputStream seekableIn, Decompressor decompressor, long start, long end, readMode)
          Creates CompressionInputStream to be used to read off uncompressed data in one of the two reading modes.
 SplitCompressionInputStream SplittableCompressionCodec.createInputStream(InputStream seekableIn, Decompressor decompressor, long start, long end, readMode)
          Create a stream as dictated by the readMode.
static void CodecPool.returnDecompressor(Decompressor decompressor)
          Return the Decompressor to the pool.

Constructors in with parameters of type Decompressor
BlockDecompressorStream(InputStream in, Decompressor decompressor)
          Create a BlockDecompressorStream.
BlockDecompressorStream(InputStream in, Decompressor decompressor, int bufferSize)
          Create a BlockDecompressorStream.
DecompressorStream(InputStream in, Decompressor decompressor)
DecompressorStream(InputStream in, Decompressor decompressor, int bufferSize)

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