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Package org.apache.hadoop.mapred

Added Classes
JobTracker.SafeModeAction JobTracker SafeMode
SafeModeException This exception is thrown when the JobTracker is in safe mode.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AdminOperationsProtocol Protocol for admin operations.
Counters A set of named counters.
JobClient JobClient is the primary interface for the user-job to interact with the JobTracker JobClient provides facilities to submit jobs track their progress access component-tasks' reports/logs get the Map-Reduce cluster status information etc.
JobConf A map/reduce job configuration.
JobTracker JobTracker is the central location for submitting and tracking MR jobs in a network environment.
KeyValueLineRecordReader This class treats a line in the input as a key/value pair separated by a separator character.
LineRecordReader Treats keys as offset in file and value as line.
Reporter A facility for Map-Reduce applications to report progress and update counters status information etc.
TaskController Controls initialization finalization and clean up of tasks and also the launching and killing of task JVMs.
TaskTracker TaskTracker is a process that starts and tracks MR Tasks in a networked environment.
TaskTrackerStatus A TaskTrackerStatus is a MapReduce primitive.