Package org.apache.hadoop.yarn.api.records

Interface Summary
AMResponse The response sent by the ResourceManager the ApplicationMaster during resource negotiation.
ApplicationReport ApplicationReport is a report of an application.
ApplicationResourceUsageReport Contains various scheduling metrics to be reported by UI and CLI.
ApplicationSubmissionContext ApplicationSubmissionContext represents all of the information needed by the ResourceManager to launch the ApplicationMaster for an application.
Container Container represents an allocated resource in the cluster.
ContainerLaunchContext ContainerLaunchContext represents all of the information needed by the NodeManager to launch a container.
ContainerStatus ContainerStatus represents the current status of a Container.
ContainerToken ContainerToken is the security token used by the framework to verify authenticity of any Container.
DelegationToken The Delegation tokens have a identifier which maps to AbstractDelegationTokenIdentifier.
LocalResource LocalResource represents a local resource required to run a container.
NodeHealthStatus NodeHealthStatus is a summary of the health status of the node.
NodeReport NodeReport is a summary of runtime information of a node in the cluster.
QueueInfo QueueInfo is a report of the runtime information of the queue.
QueueUserACLInfo QueueUserACLInfo provides information QueueACL for the given user.
URL URL represents a serializable URL.
YarnClusterMetrics YarnClusterMetrics represents cluster metrics.

Class Summary
ApplicationAttemptId ApplicationAttemptId denotes the particular attempt of an ApplicationMaster for a given ApplicationId.
ApplicationId ApplicationId represents the globally unique identifier for an application.
ContainerId ContainerId represents a globally unique identifier for a Container in the cluster.
NodeId NodeId is the unique identifier for a node.
Resource Resource models a set of computer resources in the cluster.
ResourceRequest ResourceRequest represents the request made by an application to the ResourceManager to obtain various Container allocations.

Enum Summary
ApplicationAccessType Application access types.
FinalApplicationStatus Enumeration of various final states of an Application.
LocalResourceType LocalResourceType specifies the type of a resource localized by the NodeManager.
LocalResourceVisibility LocalResourceVisibility specifies the visibility of a resource localized by the NodeManager.
QueueACL QueueACL enumerates the various ACLs for queues.
QueueState State of a Queue.
YarnApplicationState Ennumeration of various states of an ApplicationMaster.

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