Package org.apache.hadoop.fs

An abstract file system API.


Interface Summary
FsConstants FileSystem related constants.
PositionedReadable Stream that permits positional reading.
Seekable Stream that permits seeking.
Syncable This interface for flush/sync operation.

Class Summary
AbstractFileSystem This class provides an interface for implementors of a Hadoop file system (analogous to the VFS of Unix).
AvroFSInput Adapts an FSDataInputStream to Avro's SeekableInput interface.
ChecksumFileSystem Abstract Checksumed FileSystem.
CommonConfigurationKeysPublic This class contains constants for configuration keys used in the common code.
ContentSummary Store the summary of a content (a directory or a file).
FileChecksum An abstract class representing file checksums for files.
FileContext The FileContext class provides an interface to the application writer for using the Hadoop file system.
FileStatus Interface that represents the client side information for a file.
FileSystem An abstract base class for a fairly generic filesystem.
FileUtil A collection of file-processing util methods
FilterFileSystem A FilterFileSystem contains some other file system, which it uses as its basic file system, possibly transforming the data along the way or providing additional functionality.
FSDataInputStream Utility that wraps a FSInputStream in a DataInputStream and buffers input through a BufferedInputStream.
FSDataOutputStream Utility that wraps a OutputStream in a DataOutputStream, buffers output through a BufferedOutputStream and creates a checksum file.
FsServerDefaults Provides server default configuration values to clients.
FsStatus This class is used to represent the capacity, free and used space on a FileSystem.
GlobFilter A filter for POSIX glob pattern with brace expansions.
LocalFileSystem Implement the FileSystem API for the checksumed local filesystem.
LocatedFileStatus This class defines a FileStatus that includes a file's block locations.
Options This class contains options related to file system operations.
Path Names a file or directory in a FileSystem.
RawLocalFileSystem Implement the FileSystem API for the raw local filesystem.
Trash Provides a trash facility which supports pluggable Trash policies.
TrashPolicy This interface is used for implementing different Trash policies.

Enum Summary
CreateFlag CreateFlag specifies the file create semantic.

Exception Summary
ChecksumException Thrown for checksum errors.
FileAlreadyExistsException Used when target file already exists for any operation and is not configured to be overwritten.
InvalidPathException Path string is invalid either because it has invalid characters or due to other file system specific reasons.
ParentNotDirectoryException Indicates that the parent of specified Path is not a directory as expected.
UnsupportedFileSystemException File system for a given file system name/scheme is not supported

Error Summary
FSError Thrown for unexpected filesystem errors, presumed to reflect disk errors in the native filesystem.

Package org.apache.hadoop.fs Description

An abstract file system API.

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