Class DistributedCache

  extended by org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.filecache.DistributedCache
      extended by org.apache.hadoop.filecache.DistributedCache

public class DistributedCache
extends org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.filecache.DistributedCache

Distribute application-specific large, read-only files efficiently.

DistributedCache is a facility provided by the Map-Reduce framework to cache files (text, archives, jars etc.) needed by applications.

Applications specify the files, via urls (hdfs:// or http://) to be cached via the JobConf. The DistributedCache assumes that the files specified via urls are already present on the FileSystem at the path specified by the url and are accessible by every machine in the cluster.

The framework will copy the necessary files on to the slave node before any tasks for the job are executed on that node. Its efficiency stems from the fact that the files are only copied once per job and the ability to cache archives which are un-archived on the slaves.

DistributedCache can be used to distribute simple, read-only data/text files and/or more complex types such as archives, jars etc. Archives (zip, tar and tgz/tar.gz files) are un-archived at the slave nodes. Jars may be optionally added to the classpath of the tasks, a rudimentary software distribution mechanism. Files have execution permissions. In older version of Hadoop Map/Reduce users could optionally ask for symlinks to be created in the working directory of the child task. In the current version symlinks are always created. If the URL does not have a fragment the name of the file or directory will be used. If multiple files or directories map to the same link name, the last one added, will be used. All others will not even be downloaded.

DistributedCache tracks modification timestamps of the cache files. Clearly the cache files should not be modified by the application or externally while the job is executing.

Here is an illustrative example on how to use the DistributedCache:

     // Setting up the cache for the application
     1. Copy the requisite files to the FileSystem:
     $ bin/hadoop fs -copyFromLocal lookup.dat /myapp/lookup.dat  
     $ bin/hadoop fs -copyFromLocal /myapp/  
     $ bin/hadoop fs -copyFromLocal mylib.jar /myapp/mylib.jar
     $ bin/hadoop fs -copyFromLocal mytar.tar /myapp/mytar.tar
     $ bin/hadoop fs -copyFromLocal mytgz.tgz /myapp/mytgz.tgz
     $ bin/hadoop fs -copyFromLocal mytargz.tar.gz /myapp/mytargz.tar.gz
     2. Setup the application's JobConf:
     JobConf job = new JobConf();
     DistributedCache.addCacheFile(new URI("/myapp/lookup.dat#lookup.dat"), 
     DistributedCache.addCacheArchive(new URI("/myapp/", job);
     DistributedCache.addFileToClassPath(new Path("/myapp/mylib.jar"), job);
     DistributedCache.addCacheArchive(new URI("/myapp/mytar.tar", job);
     DistributedCache.addCacheArchive(new URI("/myapp/mytgz.tgz", job);
     DistributedCache.addCacheArchive(new URI("/myapp/mytargz.tar.gz", job);
     3. Use the cached files in the Mapper
     or Reducer:
     public static class MapClass extends MapReduceBase  
     implements Mapper<K, V, K, V> {
       private Path[] localArchives;
       private Path[] localFiles;
       public void configure(JobConf job) {
         // Get the cached archives/files
         File f = new File("./");
       public void map(K key, V value, 
                       OutputCollector<K, V> output, Reporter reporter) 
       throws IOException {
         // Use data from the cached archives/files here
         // ...
         // ...
         output.collect(k, v);

It is also very common to use the DistributedCache by using GenericOptionsParser. This class includes methods that should be used by users (specifically those mentioned in the example above, as well as DistributedCache.addArchiveToClassPath(Path, Configuration)), as well as methods intended for use by the MapReduce framework (e.g., JobClient).

See Also:
JobConf, JobClient, Job

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public DistributedCache()

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